International Choir Festival “IFAS”




Mezinárodní festival pěveckých sborů

3.–8. 7. 2024

Pardubice / Czech Republic




The festival can be attended by all types of academic and non-academic amateur choirs (except children’s choirs) - mixed, mixed chamber, women’s and men’s choirs, vocal groups and ensembles.

Category A - with a required composition

A1 - mixed choirs (min. 25 singers)
A2 - mixed chamber choirs (12-24 singers)women’s and men’s choirs
A3 - women’s choirs

It is possible to compete in various A categories but with different programme.

Category B - Free

B1 - mixed choirs (min. 25 singers)
B2 - mixed chamber choirs (12-24 singers)
B3 - women’s choirs
B4 - men’s choirs
B5 - vocal groups and ensembles (max. 12 singers)

It is possible to compete in various B categories but with different programme.

Other categories

C1 - compositions of one style of art music - e.g. Renaissance or Baroque music, sacred music, etc.
C2 - jazz, pop, spirituals, gospel
D1 - folklore
D2 - folklore of choir’s nation

Category - Bohuslav Martinů

BM - No competition composition from 2.1., 2.2. and, 2.3. categories is allowed Participation in the competition is independent of participation in other categories

The festival organizers reserve the right not to open any of the categories in case of low participation or if recommended by the Artistic Council.

Conditions of participation in each category are regulatedby Propositions and Festival Competition Rules.